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Private Sale on 3rd June 2021
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Greenovation Institute has 3 Core Pillars


- Academic Conference
- Professional Education
- Networking Event    

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- Consulting Service
- Research Facility
- Research Lab 

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- Future Food Fund
- Water Accounting Fund
- Urban Energy Fund

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To exchange knowledges, incubate innovations, and fund projects related to Urban Nexus in Asia and the Pacific


1st Greenovation Canabis Conference 2019

The best and biggest academic cannabis conference in Thailand. We become the first event after Thailand has issued a law to easing a canabis regulations

3 June 2019, Knowledge Exchange Center (KX), Thailand

1st Asia Pacific Conference on Green Innovation 2019

“Urban Nexus: Water-Energy-Food/Land Innovations for Sustainable City Development”

30 July — 3 Aug 2019, Bangkok and Rayong Province, Thailand

Pondet Ananchai
Executive Director

Pondet is the Sustainability and Investor Relations Manager at Prime Road Power PLC, a leading renewable energy listed company in Thailand, and the Executive Director at Greenovation Institute, a Sustainable Development think tank. Prior, he was CEO of CryptovationX, a Fintech startup. In this earlier year, he had served a venture capital, managed a forex broker, and founded an Edtech startup. Prior to his business career, he was working with the United Nations (Asia Pacific) and Asian Development Bank implementing environment and youth related projects.

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